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So. You must know by now how easy it is for us to become blind to our mistakes, right?


There are a few techniques to combat this:

  • Putting the work on back-burner and work on a different project for a while. This works, but it’s a pain if you are on a schedule
  • Having a new set of eyes on the work. -MY FAVE- Having beta readers is invaluable. if you don’t have some, get them. Now.
  • using editor programs. Right now I’m using a combination of Hemmingway(20$ AND WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY) and Grammarly. I’m not paying for that one, but using the free version.

That third bullet point is the one to look at today, ladies and gents. It found a humiliating string of serial mistakes in my work. and makes it generally a better read. (although Hemmingway by default wants to dumb down your writing, so weigh…

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